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First dimension home protection installed by a first-class experts. Your new siding will not only revitalize your energy efficiency, it’ll revitalize your home’s style.
Elemental protection starts from above. Let EvoSiding fortify your home with a new roof and overhead insulation. Our roofing systems are guaranteed for decades.
Whether they’re decorative, purely functional, or a little bit of both, our experts can get you set up with beautiful windows that don’t compromise on function.
From front-of-the-house hinges to backside sliders, EvoSiding can get enhance your entryways with a secure new door in any style you’re looking for.
Looking for a deck or a patio to improve your yard’s usability? We can get you a raised or sunken platform that you’ll want to use every day of the year.

For sixteen years, EvoSiding has provided Camas, Washington residents with exterior enhancement solutions that add both curb-appeal, value and measurable durability. Our streamlined installation procedures make us the preferred choice for Pacific Northwest homeowners. Our team of talented exteriorists craft results that are driven by the vision of the homeowner, and guarantee quality work in every project. From decks and patios, to siding, roofs and windows, EvoSiding keeps you and your biggest investment protected.

Nestled in the threshold of the Columbia River Gorge, Camas is an up-and-coming neighbor to Vancouver, Washington. Like the rest of the Pacific Northwest, the Camas climate is characterized by higher-than-average rainfall received throughout the year, seasonal but predictable temperature swings, and an uninterrupted landscape in every direction.

Thinking About Thinking About Upgrading Your Exterior In Camas, WA?

Let’s take a closer look at the climate that Camas homes are up against.

Rainfall: 50” per year

Camas, Washington sits at the foot of the Columbia River Gorge which means it’s among the first stops for the heavy rainfall that bounces off the southern Cascades. For almost seven consecutive months, Camas sees a total 50” of rainfall each year. That’s nearly a full 20” more than surrounding cities.

Temperature: 45°F-82°F on average

Even with its damp climate, Camas keeps one of the most stable and comfortable temperature ranges of anywhere. Even though we may not be able to tell, the rain that comes in tends to be warmer. A low elevation of only 75’ also contributes to the moderate temperature.

Noise Levels: 20 dB-90dB

Because of its proximity to nearby Highway 14 and the east-west BNSF railway running the length of the gorge, Camas homes are subject to peak noise levels rivaling nearby cities.

Daily Sunlight: 8h42m-15h42m

The Pacific Northwest has a reputation for being dark for much of the year. While it’s true that there’s a good amount of cloud cover which limits sun from getting through, cities like Camas actually enjoy more daylight overall than places with a sunnier reputation. This is due to sitting at a higher latitude.

Scenery: Immeasurable

Did you know that Camas is named after the Camas lily? It’s a lily that blooms for only two weeks of the year. Sweeping views of the gorge with Mt. Hood visible in the distance easily make Camas one of the most scenic places to live.

So what does it take to have an energy-efficient home exterior in Camas, WA?

These five metrics should give homes an action plan to determine how well their exterior is doing its job.
Exteriors in Camas, Washington should be designed to prevent rain and moisture from entering the home(rainfall), capture the comfort of the temperate climate (temperature), maximize the use of long hours of daylight(sunlight), absorb available sunlight in the colder months and take advantage of natural ventilation in the warmer months(temperature).

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