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Damascus, Oregon may be the perfect place to escape the nearby city life, but that doesn’t mean homeowners can escape the elements of the Pacific Northwest environment. With sixteen years of experience improving home exteriors, EvoSiding brings journeyman-level quality to residents of Damascus looking to fortify their home exteriors.

Aesthetify Your Exterior

The skin of your home and the main layer of protection from ground-level elements. EvoSiding puts in siding that lasts and looks great.
High-quality roofing to match your high-quality home. A durable roof is the ultimate home protection and with us, it’ll be sure to look as good as it works.
Your homes windows offer the ultimate decoration, a view of the world outside. For windows that blend in seamlessly, let EvoSiding do your windows.
No matter the style of door that fits your home best, EvoSiding can put it in with precision and make sure it keeps your home secure for years.
Whether it’s a deck or a patio, making the most of your outdoor space can transform any side of your house to be as comfortable as inside.

Our team is made up of locals who not only understand how the climate tests homes above the 45th, but also know how to make sure all the exterior bases are covered. EvoSiding specializes in environmental-facing components of the home: siding, roofs, windows, doors, decks and patios. If it’s exposed to the elements, we know how to install it.

EvoSiding also provides full design consulting. Which means if homeowners have a particular vision in mind but aren’t quite sure how to get there, our experts can work with you on a blueprint and action plan to bring your ideas to life.

Let’s get started. For Damascus homes in need of an elevated exterior, call EvoSiding today.

Located squarely within one of the wettest zones of the Pacific Northwest, Damascus, Oregon receives one of the largest amounts of annual rainfall anywhere, and is surrounded by scenic beauty in every direction.

Thinking About Upgrading Your Exterior In Damascus, OR?

Here’s a look a the Damascus environment by the numbers

Rainfall: 55” per year

Damascus, Oregon sits only 15 miles from Portland, but receives nearly 20″ or more rain per year. That is 55% more rain.

Temperature: 47°F-81°F on average

Like its neighbors, Damascus experiences some of the most stable temperatures throughout the year, despite its wet weather and dark winters.

Noise Levels: 20 dB-90dB

Damascus is an unincorporated city, separated from the major happenings of its neighbors. While the normal range of noise is typical of any city where there are people and traffic, Damascus is likely a better place for peace and quiet.

Daily Sunlight: 8h42m-15h40m

Extended spring and summer daylight and mild sunlight for the other half make Damascus one of the most comfortably lit locales in the country.

Scenery: Top-Notch

Damascus rests alongside the limits of serene forestry and the Clackamas River. That means there’s always more than enough scenery to take in.

So what does it take to have an optimal home exterior in Damascus, OR?

Here’s what exteriors need to do for Damascus homes.

Rain Prevention: The main challenge for Damascus homes is combating some of the highest rainfall anywhere in the country. To do that, they need siding, windows and most importantly, roofing, that won’t lose its integrity with the an increase in moisture.

Temperature Regulation: Mild climatological temperatures don’t mean homes can’t get cold. Damascus homes must be built to contain heat in the winter while also capturing infrared heating from sunlight. The main tools for those jobs? Siding, roofs, windows and doors.

Learn more about leveraging heat usage here.

3. Capturing the Scenery
Most people understand the appeal of enhancing a home’s curb appeal, but not everybody knows how they can be used to capture the scenic beauty of the environment. With the unending potential of the PNW’s beauty, Damascus residents are universally well-positioned to create homes able to enjoy the sight of the outdoors from within.

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