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Comfort Starts Outside

Your siding is our number one priority. EvoSiding has been installing high-performance siding that keeps your home sealed and looks perfect from the curb.
Our roofs are guaranteed to last and guaranteed to look good. Using roofing systems designed to work together, EvoSiding provides quality.
Your homes windows offer the ultimate decoration, a view of the world outside. For windows that blend in seamlessly, let EvoSiding do your windows.
No matter the style of door that fits your home best, EvoSiding can put it in with precision and make sure it keeps your home secure for years.
No home is complete without a deck that matches the rest of your home. For exterior entertainment as worthy as your indoors, call on Evo.

As the long-time, premier suburb of Portland and a growing force of industry unto itself, Lake Oswego, Oregon homes are setting standards in quality for the entire area. Lake Oswego is blessed with a pristine lake, coastal ridges, healthy forestry not to mention the signature architecture of olden-day PNW.

Thinking About Evolving Your Exterior In Lake Oswego, OR?

Here’s a look at the Lake Oswego environment.

Rainfall: 43” per year

Lake Oswego, Oregon falls close to the average for rainfall for the area at 43″ per year.

Temperature: 46°F-80°F on average

Temperatures in Lake Oswego stay within the comfortable range for the year, requiring mainly efficiency from structures, instead of heating or cooling production.

Noise Levels: 20 dB-90dB

Lake Oswego may be removed from its neighbors, but as an growing center for business, it may be a little louder than expected in some parts of town. Many residents are secluded enough for noise to not go much higher than regular street traffic.

Daily Sunlight: 8h43m-15h40m

A more southerly position compared to other locales in the Portland area means a whole thirty seconds more daylight in the winter than it’s neighbors to the north.

Scenery: Hard to match

Lake Oswego’s scenery is quintessential PNW. Lush forestry anywhere you can look, a clean lake and no shortage of views make it one of the best places to have a home.

What Are Lake Oswego’s Exteriors Up Against?

A premium region brings premium quality. Lake Oswego’s exteriors work double-duty to look great while performing beyond expectation.

Rain Tolerance: Just like Lake Oswego’s residents are tolerant of rain, so are its homes. Homes in Lake Oswego are built with exteriors designed to provide uninterrupted protection from a wet climate. The roof is the primary means of comfort from the rain, with siding and windows being not far behind.

Temperature Regulation: The way to keep home’s warm in Lake Oswego is not just by heating them, but by keeping that heat where you want it. Heat has the habit of dispersing almost immediately. If it’s given a chance to leave, it will. For reasons of both energy efficiency and comfort, regulation of temperature is the main goal of exterior components.

Read more about how heat works, here.

3. Working With Local Scenery
Whether your home is on the lake or off the beaten path, Lake Oswego home’s are well-positioned to capture the exclusive beauty of the city’s surroundings. Our recommendations? Skylights, picture windows, sliding glass doors and a new deck.

Evo Siding is a general contractor with over 16 years of experience working with homeowners in Lake Oswego. Our collaborative team of craftspeople harnesses advanced building technology, smart project management, and a thoughtful approach to customer service to enhance beautiful Lake Oswego properties.

Set against the backdrop of Tryon Creek State Natural Area, homes in this coveted region reflect the splendor of their natural surroundings. And it’s Evo Siding’s mission to help homeowners maintain that standard of beauty and excellence. Whether it’s a new roof, new siding, deck, or windows, we bring you more than an excellent product – we bring you a wonderful experience.

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