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EvoSiding has been providing active and adaptive siding to Portland since 2012. Matching the best products available with the best service around, we try to be the clear choice for siding.
Like our siding, the roofs we build provide non-stop protection from the elements, look great and keep you covered for the long haul. With EvoSiding, our roofs don’t rest.
As exterior experts, we make sure your windows aren’t a weakness. With the right installation, we believe your windows can be as strong, and appealing, as the rest of your home.
Your door is the ultimate environment-facing component of your exterior. As your pathways to the exterior, your door must be built to work with the frame and not just your home’s style.
Everlasting in the evergreens. EvoSiding’s decks and patios fit in perfectly with your home and your home’s surroundings and will last for decades.

Thinking About Upgrading Your Exterior In Portland, OR?

With clear views of Mt. Hood, a coastal ridgeline, and signature truss bridges, Portland ties together the feel of the twentieth century with leading edge architecture. Here’s a look a the Portland environment by the numbers.

Rainfall: 36.69” per year

Portland get most of the grief for being one of the rainest places of the coastal PNW but in reality it’s actually one of the driest places of the region.

Temperature: 46°F-80°F on average

Like its rainfall, Portland has comparatively easy temperatures on average.

Noise Levels: 20 dB-90dB

Frequently higher noise levels are likely to be experienced for most of Portland. A close proximity to freeways, rush-hour traffic, the port and city life means higher decibal levels throughout the day.

Daily Sunlight: 8h42m-15h41m

The sun starts setting at just after 8 and a half hours of daylight on Portland’s shortest day, and after along 15 and a half hour day through summer.

Scenery: Standard-Setting

As a city, Portland makes the most of an enviable location full of character. We want your home to do the same. Few places are as close to fast-paced city life and world-class outdoor scenery.

So what does it take to have an optimal home exterior in Portland, OR?

Portland’s exteriors add to the city’s vibrancy. But they all have a few things in common:

Rain Prevention: Even though the rain is relatively light compared to the surrounding cities, homes must still be built to withstand the occasional heavy rainfall and constant light rains through the fall, winter and spring.

Temperature: Though the look of many of Portland’s homes hasn’t changed much over the decades, that doesn’t mean that their efficiency has stagnated. Every component of a home’s exterior – from siding and roofing, to windows and doors – all play a part in keeping homes comfortable and efficiency.

Learn more about managing heat usage here.

3. Capturing the Scenery
Portland is full of charming neighborhoods full of happy gardens and healthy trees. Exteriors can be designed for congruity with a neighborhood’s style or a backyard, or for a style all its own.

EvoSiding provides exterior home improvement solutions that focus on adequate preparation of the building and meticulous installation procedures. For our Portland neighbors, this means superior protection from our months of near-constant rain, temperatures that stubbornly linger in the 40s, and much-dreaded snow storms.

And though our summers never feel long enough, Evo’s siding, windows, and roofing materials are designed to protect Portland homes from heat and pollution with the same degree of performance. Portland is changing. Evo Siding keeps your home ahead of the curve.

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