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Getting homes set on siding for the long haul. EvoSiding only installs siding that is engineered to last and match the quality of construction we provide.
The sum of high-quality parts. Our roofers only put in roofing systems that work to bring you a unified front towards home protection from above.
EvoSiding will install windows that let light in as much as they keep the elements out. Sealed in tight and always aesthetic, your new windows are as outside-proof as your siding.
Whether you want your door to be a harmonious addition to your home or a focal point that stands out from the curb, EvoSiding will make sure your door sits flash and keeps your home secure.
Your new favorite room in the house might just be outside. EvoSiding handcrafts decks that are meant for yearround enjoyment and lifelong durability.

Just like it’s more populous neighbor, Beaverton, Oregon is characterized by consistent rainfall for much of the year, seasonal but predictable temperature swings, and an uninterrupted landscape in every direction.

Thinking About Upgrading Your Exterior In Tigard, OR?

Here’s what Tigard homes are taking on.

Rainfall: 40” per year

Though Beaverton, Oregon sits less than 10 miles from Portland, the city receives almost 4″ more of rain per year. That might not seem like much but over time, those inches add up to feet of extra water that needs to be fended off.

Temperature: 46°F-80°F on average

As with other nearby locales, Tigard’s rainfall can be attributed to moderate temperatures. Any colder, and it’d be snowing! (Which it does, at roughly 1″ per year)

Noise Levels: 20 dB-90dB

Tigard’s proximity to Portland means it sees a high level of commuter traffic but in general, noise levels are quieter.

Daily Sunlight: 8h42m-15h41m

Like most places in the Pacific Northwest, Tigard is known for being less-than-sunny. While overcast does define a good part of the year, Tigard’s northern latitude means it sees more daylight and less darkness places with sunnier coordinates.

Scenery: Top of the list

Between views of Mt. Hood, natural forests close by, world-class wineries down the road and the city skyline in the distance, Tigard is a good place for anybody.

So what does it take to have an optimal home exterior in Tigard, OR?

Homes in Tigard need an exterior that does a few things well. Preventing rain and moisture from coming into the home is first on the task list. Roofing, siding, windows all must keep the home dry, while also keeping things comfortable.

Thermo-regulation. Tigard houses are ideally also designed to keep occupants warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and energy-efficient any time of the year. Through smart design built by a quality contractor, homes can have the best of all worlds.

Like many cities in the region, Tigard has seen its share of changes over the years. And with that change, homeowners have had to make a choice to stay ahead of the curve. It’s meant a lot of things for homeowners, but more tangibly than all, homes are upgrading their exterior to fit in with ever-changing neighborhoods and maximize the increase in property value.

If you are a Tigard homeowner looking to upgrade your exterior, EvoSiding is a siding contractor who can bring homes to a new level is critical. As a full-exterior renovator, EvoSiding has a track record of doing just that – fortifying homes into more durable, efficient, and beautiful places to be. Enjoy a new exterior now and thank us later.

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