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Built on siding and building exteriors designed to take on their environments for decades. Siding has been a mainstay of our business from day one.
Different plane, same purpose. Your roof is as important to protecting your home as your siding, and something we make sure to do right.
Your windows face challenges that the rest of your home’s envelope does not. Architectured for aesthetics and endurance, your new windows should be as weather proof as your siding.
When it comes to your exterior, the right door is everything. And the right installation makes everything possible. EvoSiding installs doors that are designed to hold up to the world.
As the unsung hero of your backyard, the quality of your deck may go unnoticed until there’s a problem. Our decks are built for harmonious style and long-term enjoyment.

As the first stop from Oregon and burgeoning metropolis unto itself, Vancouver, Washington is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the country and a placed centered not far from a serene landscape.

What Do Exteriors In Vancouver, WA Need?

Here are the elements that Vancouver homes are facing.

Rainfall: 39” per year

As a slightly more westerly city than nearby Camas, Vancouver receives over 10″ less rainfall each year.

Temperature: 45°F-80°F on average

At a slightly higher latitude, Vancouver stays roughly 2 degrees cooler year-round on average.

Noise Levels: 20dB-90dB

Vancouver has been a major port since its inception. Similarly, a busy railroad system mean decibal levels might jump up here and there. But overall, the efforts to be quieter than it’s neighbor south of the river seem to pay off.

Daily Sunlight: 8h41m-15h42m

Scenery: Standing with the best

Vancouver’s scenery may overall be less limited than that of Portland. The city itself takes pride in letting visitors into the gorge and the views of Mounts Hood and St. Helens.

So what does it take to have an energy-efficient home exterior in Vancouver, WA?

These five metrics should give homes an action plan to determine how well their exterior is doing its job.
Exteriors in Vancouver, Washington should be designed to prevent rain and moisture from entering the home(rainfall), capture the comfort of the temperate climate (temperature), maximize the use of long hours of daylight(sunlight), absorb available sunlight in the colder months and take advantage of natural ventilation in the warmer months(temperature).

For years, EvoSiding has provided Vancouver, Washington residents with exterior home improvement solutions that add both curb-appeal and long-term value. Our streamlined installation and product distribution procedures make us leaders in the Pacific Northwest and preferred by Vancouver, Washington homeowners.

EvoSiding’s team of talented exterior remodeling professionals consider your experience throughout the project just as much as the final result. From deck restoration and correcting construction defects to replacing roofs and windows, EvoSiding keeps you and your biggest investment protected.

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