Correcting Construction Defects

For every new siding, deck, patio, window, or door we install, we also repair construction defects. Not only will fixing these areas guarantee the work we do lasts for as long as possible, they could also help you save money. EvoSiding is a team of siding contractors with the experience that shines a light on the defects that plague homes in the area.

Uncovering problems and saving money. By locating hidden defects and correcting them on sight, money is saved in the long run.

Thinking about selling? The problems that lurk beneath the surface are the ones that come out to bite you.

Get ready for real peace of mind. When your repairs are coupled with any exterior work we do, you know you’re covered for the long term.

Some Advice From A Local Dry Rot Repair Contractor

For most homes in the Pacific Northwest, rot, insect damage, and construction defects coming back to bite you are the real problem areas. While every defect is different for every home, there is one thing they all have in common:

Real problems could have been avoided with a little bit of maintenance.

Just like it’s important with your car, letting a professional “get under the hood” every once in a while typically saves a lot of money in the long run. Whether its because a homeowner called us out to take a look, or because we discovered damaged areas of the home while preparing an installation, here are some of the most common problems we find:

Dry Rot.

Dry rot is the natural result of moisture and poor ventilation disintegrating the wood components of construction. To prevent this, a moisture barrier is put in place, but unfortunately, that may not always be a guarantee.

Pest Damage.

Second only to dry rot, pest damage is a major culprit of structural damage to homes. While most pests can cause some degree of damage, there’s one that rises about them all – termites.

Failed Protection.

Whether it’s old paint, incomplete sealing, or a breached weather barrier, a common cause of home damage is the result of protective materials being poorly applied.

Repairing Hidden Defects To Your Home

By their nature, the defects that get out of control, are the ones that often aren’t going to be seen until it’s too late. But because EvoSiding specializes in repairing and installing the exact components that hide structural damage to the home’s frame, we know where to look.

In most cases, homeowners choose to repair damaged areas at the same time they choose to replace the components that led to the affected areas. If you go with EvoSiding, we won’t do our work until the defects are taken care of your home is restored.

For expert installation of siding, decks or patios, windows, doors, roofing, or just about any other part of your home that does its job outside, give a call to EvoSiding today.

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