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Siding Contractor Portland OR | Video

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Hiring Siding Contractors Portland Oregon Best Practice Guide 1. Find siding contractors in Oregon Near your area. Most siding contractors are listed in the phone book or online. -Ask friends, co-workers or neighbors if they have had any siding contractors do work on their house. Get recommendations from them. -Visit a siding material supply store […]

DIY Deck Surface Restoration

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Deck Restoration Process Step One Start by wetting down the surrounding vegitation, next apply a stripper to any surface you want to restore. Most hardware store will have a stripping solutions for decks. Sherwin-Williams carries a product called Deckscapes Apply the Stripper/sealer remover with a roller. I have tried many different garden sprayers to apply […]

Home Improvement: Ceiling Fans

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Home Improvement: Ceiling Fans Ceiling fans come in a wide variety of styles and colors to match any homeowners interior design wishes. They come with and without lighting. Three to five blades. In colors of black, white, brown, made of wood, covered with animal print fabric or styled with carved leaves. Ceiling fans have come […]

How to Find the Best Contractor for Your Home Improvement Project

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How to Find the Best Contractor for Your Home Improvement Project It’s finally time to tackle that big home improvement project you’ve always wanted to do. Or, you might have waited so long, now you need to do the project. Which leads to your first question – “Where do I start?” Well, the truth is… […]

Home Improvements: Spruce Up Your Home This Season

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Home Improvement Ideas Spring is approaching. With a few simple improvements you can add character and curb appeal to your home at a reasonable price and make it the envy of the neighborhood. Tidy up perimeter landscaping. Collect and remove all weeds, loose leaves and litter from the property. Put up a fence or replace […]

Covered Patios and Home Improvement as Investment Strategies

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If you are a homeowner, you know how important the real estate market has become to the financial well-being and security of you and your family. Your home may well be your biggest investment, and like any other investment, it needs to be managed and protected. Unfortunately, home repairs are often put off due to […]

Let Energy Savings Pay For Home Improvements Like Replacement Windows

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With rising fuel costs, making your home more energy-efficient is becoming an increasingly attractive investment. In this day and age of ever-rising fuel costs, not having your home properly insulated is like throwing money out the window. Literally, in fact, as old, leaky windows are a prime source of residential heat loss. Replacement windows alone […]

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