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World Forestry Center in Portland OR Promotes Sustainable Future

The World Forestry Center is a not for profit organization located in Portland OR Established in the year 1966, the center’s roots date back to 1905 where huge native trees found in the area were the source for building a log cabin for the Centennial of American Pacific Exposition and Oriental Fair. The log cabin was destroyed by a fire that broke out in 1964, after which industry leaders and civic authorities came together with a plan to build a fire-resistant forestry building at a new site that opened in 1971.

The new location and name change

The new Western Forestry Center was built near the fast-growing Oregon Zoo. Several donors came forward and contributed to the construction of the Forestry Museum and a theater. The center also received Magness Tree Farm and Miller Hall a few years later. As the forestry industry began to gain traction globally, the Center decided to embrace that culture by changing its name to World Forestry. The mission of the center was to educate people about the importance of forest and trees. Another new building, Metro Hall was also added. It houses the International Fellowship Program.

Programs offered

The World Forestry Center located in Portland OR offers three different programs – Forest Discovery Center Museum, demonstration of tree farms, and the World of Forest Institute. The advisory committee and the board consists of members hailing from 11 countries and represent leading forestry corporations, research institutions, non-government organizations, and academic institutions concentrating on spreading awareness about forests and trees.

The fellowship program

The fellowship program offered by the World Forestry Center is one of a kind in the world. It helps in recruiting bright and young forestry and forest professionals from across the globe to work in the World Forest Institute for a minimum of six months to a maximum of twelve months.

An employer, forest industry, government institutions, or NGOs sponsor the fellows. The recruited applicants carry out research projects on behalf of their sponsors. Apart from the completion of the project, the participants receive an exposure to the natural resource management that helps them to understand the functionality of the business. It will help them when they head back home and deal with local owners of land and managers of natural resources.

Outdoor Learning

The Discovery Museum opened in the year 1971 to the general public helps in understanding the global forests, local, and sustainable forestry. The Magness Memorial Tree Farm, which is the premium demonstration for the general public, provides a hands-on outdoor learning experience for everyone who wishes to grasp knowledge on sustainable forestry. The campus receives at least 65,000 visitors each year who participate in events, gatherings, and meetings.

The board, representatives, and staff are working continuously in building a network of partners across the globe to make the World Forestry Center and the epicenter of collaborative activity. It will help in building a platform where a similar organization that works in sustainable forestry help each other, share data, and find solutions to the climatic changes and forest health.

The properties

World Forestry Center located in Portland OR operates two working forests – thanks to the donation by the landowners who wanted to ensure that the property functions based on the principles of sustainable forestry. The Magness Memorial Tree Farm, located in Sherwood, OR and the Schaefer Memorial Forest, located in Forest Grove, OR are the two properties currently managed by the forestry center.

Everything about World Forestry Institute

The establishment of the World Forestry Institute in the year 1989 was to cater to the increasing demand for forestry information. As the sector becomes complex, it was necessary to collaborate and exchange information to develop forest trade, regulate, and manage the resources.

The establishment introduced the International Fellowship Program that is a combination of the research community, public sector, and private industry. Founder, Harry Merlo, was the reason behind the establishment of the institute. He is a legend in the forest products sector and a known philanthropist. Much before the development of forest industry, Harry recognized the importance of forestry on the global sector. His passion helped him understand that having information in hand is helpful and developing a network of contacts across the globe is essential. His dream came alive in the form of the World Forest Institute in 1989, where it was possible to share information and build a network of connections across the world.

The Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame honors any individual that made a pivotal contribution to the forestry sector. One will come across over 200 pictures of biographies and photographs of people/leaders who made a significant contribution to the forestry industry. The Discovery Museum of the World Forestry Center is a must visit for everyone. It helps anyone to understand about forests and take a virtual tool to South Africa, Russia, Brazil, and China, and others to discover how the regions are utilizing the forests and the challenges they are facing.

If you are visiting Portland OR, make sure to include spending an entire day at the World Forestry Center to experience the nature and understand the importance of forest like never before.

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World Forestry Center in Portland OR Promotes Sustainable Future

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