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Your Home, The Envelope.

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Exteriors Made For the Pacific Northwest

Our siding replacement and installation process is part of building what’s known in architecture as “the building envelope.” A building’s envelope is what it sounds like: the physical layer separating the outside from the inside.

Your home’s energy efficiency, insulation from weather or protection from pests, and of course, its exterior style – begin and end with the envelope.

The work we do focuses entirely on making the home’s envelope as strong, smart, and aesthetic as possible. While every component contributes to the quality of the envelope, it’s the siding that plays the biggest role.

Sealing the Deal on the Home Envelope

EvoSiding has its roots in the PNW. Which means one thing for the envelopes we build, they’ve got to be designed to handle our climate. For us, that means two things: The siding has to be installed precisely, and it’s got to be of high enough quality to last as long as our work will.

All homes need and use siding (or an equivalent) to partition themselves from their environment. But where homes in other climates likely have the luxury of drier conditions and less moisture to worry about, homes in great wet North can’t afford an envelope that allows permeability – and it definitely can’t afford an all-out failure.

It Starts With Siding

Though it’s one of the last things to go on your home during installation, siding is first in line when it comes to holding up to the outdoors. Of course your windows, roof, doors and other components must all do their part, but your siding presents the biggest challenge because of the potential for numerous (and hidden) failure points.

Providing homes with unbreachable siding isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. There’s a lot at play against your home at any given time, and your siding is the primary armor going against it.

Understanding the Underlayment

Interestingly, the same material used for certain envelopes, are also used for the moisture and weather protection that goes beneath siding. The underlayment, is a layer of added protection to your home’s siding. Its job is to form as close to an airtight seal of your home’s insulation as possible, which is what makes true energy efficiency possible while also protecting your home’s frame and foundation.

Most are surprised to learn that nearly half of a home’s heat may be lost through the walls. Siding and insulation installed properly makes sure heat loss is minimized.

Siding’s main opposition is moisture. In the Pacific Northwest, your underlayment works double time to make sure weather doesn’t penetrate through and weaken the structure of your home.
Siding Replacement Portland

The Sum Of Its Parts

The combination of your siding and underlayment make up a big portion of the entirety of your home’s exterior protection.

Taken with the other components – doors, windows, roof – your home’s envelope can be rated on its overall effectiveness at keeping your home comfortable and efficient.

Every piece of the system comes with a unique rating that, when taken together, can add up to a number that provides a quantifiable measure of your home’s exterior quality.

Our goal at EvoSiding is to get every home we work on to get the highest score possible.

Interested in learning how your home can improve its exterior quality score? We’re always happy to chat. To take your home’s report card from average to excellent, get in touch today.

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Your Home, The Envelope.

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