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Painting vs Replacing Siding in Clackamas

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When is it best to paint or replace your siding in Clackamas? When it comes to your home, there’s a lot that you’d do to make sure that it looks its best. And rightfully so. After all, your home is perhaps the most visible symbol of who you are. Over time, the look of your […]

When is it Time to Replace Siding in Beaverton?

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How often should I replace my siding in Beaverton? You can remember it like it was yesterday. How beautiful your home looked on the day that you moved in. Even if it wasn’t brand new, it was new to you. A big part of the attractiveness of your home’s exterior comes from the siding. Over […]

What is the Right Siding For My Home?

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Choosing the Right Siding Within reason and likely subject to homeowners’ associations and local municipal guidelines, your siding can technically be made up of anything you want. But for homeowners seeking the viable options that their neighbors won’t hate, there are primarily only three realistic options: 1. Fiber-cement 2. Vinyl 3. Wood Cladding Let’s take […]

Should I Replace My Windows At The Same Time As My Siding?

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Timing Your Siding With New Windows If you have decided to give your home´s exterior a makeover, we would first recommend you to replace your siding. Now, when you plan to replace your siding, you should also think about replacing your windows at the same time. After all, your objective is to ensure that the […]

Should I Invest In New Siding On My Home?

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Thinking About Upgrading Your Home’s Exterior? It could be that your home´s exterior isn´t looking as new as it used to look before. If so, you might decide to give your house a facelift. What are your options? Well, instead of splashing the cash on every bit of furniture you can find, we would strongly […]

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