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The Dynamic Duo: Shingles and Underlayment

Posted on by EvoSiding

Stopping the Weather It’s easy to think of a roof as just an umbrella to your home. Which it is. But what it takes to protect your home from the weather above, is more than just what you can see. In today’s article, we take a look at roofing as a system, instead of well […]

How Do I Know It’s Time To Replace My Roof?

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Here’s How You Know It’s Finally Time To Replace That Old Roof Is it time for you to replace your old roof? Has your roof sustained horrible damage because of the recent wave of hailstones or other terrible weather conditions? Are you planning to sell your property at a high value? Most homeowners generally open […]

How Can I Prepare For The Installation Of My New Roof?

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What To Expect When You’re Expecting A New Roof We believe that it is of paramount importance for you to check the condition of your roof on a frequent basis. If your roof is damaged, you could potentially face water leaks. The water leaks can, in turn, play a large role in ruining the interior […]

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