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The Sliding Front Door

Sliding Front Door Portland

Industrial Front Doors in Residential Neighborhoods

Bringing with it the same effect of a drawbridge lowering across your castle’s moat, a sliding barn-door-style door definitely makes a statement with your guests. And it’s not just their impact that makes them a choice worth thinking about, they can also be surprisingly practical.

  • With a sliding door, homes get wide access. With industrial-sized access, the issue of getting large items in and out of the home is all but eliminated. Where many front doors can accommodate larger furniture like sofas, beds, or anything else, large sliding doors make it a non-issue.

  • This also comes in handy if you like to entertain. With wide open access, organizing and hosting are easier – not to mention a large entryway creates an easy flow on your guests and sets the stage for a pleasant, uncrowded atmosphere.

  • Sliding doors are secure. One of the big draws of an industrial sliding door brought to your home, is that they were originally designed purely for security. The reason they’re more secure is that sliders are, by design, resistant to the forceful impact that hinged doors are vulnerable to. In other words, because a hinged door opens the same direction force would be applied, they’re less secure.

    So Why Don’t You See More Sliding Doors?

    For all of their benefits, and though they’re a newer idea, sliding front doors don’t pop up all that often. Here are the main reasons why we think they haven’t quite taken off:

    They don’t work with most homes.

    By and large, homes with sliding doors need to be designed with the sliding door in mind. While remodeling for them is possible, it’s usually not going to be an option that seems worth the cost when compared to a perfectly acceptable, hinged door.

    They can be heavy.

    Hinged doors are popular for three reasons, they fit well with homes, they’re the perfect size for people to use, and they’re easy to open. It’s easy to view sliding doors as reinventing the wheel and simply less ergonomic and intuitive than your standard door.

    They’re slow.

    What makes them strong, also makes them slow. No longer can you close the door in the face of a salesman. No longer can you shut the door quickly on your way out. We might not think about it at the time, but most of us have been opening and closing our front doors the same way for our entire lives, and there’s comfort in not changing that.
    Residential Sliding Front Door Portland

    In Case You’re Thinking About a Sliding Door.

    Now that you know the pros and cons of a sliding door, you can make an informed decision – and an informed design. If we had to guess, you weren’t thinking about one until reading this.

    And you probably already know if it will jive with your home’s style.

    But whatever door you decide on EvoSiding can make sure it works perfectly with the rest of your exterior.

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    The Sliding Front Door

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