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When is the Best Time to Get New Home Windows in Portland?

When to Get New Windows in Portland, Oregon

Home improvement projects occur year-round here in the Pacific Northwest. However, it makes sense that some home improvement projects are more suitable for certain times of the year. Extensive roof work in the middle of the rainy season is a hassle, and yard work in the winter seems pointless. But what about home windows? It may seem there’s not an appropriate time of year in Portland to get new windows. It’s too hot in the summer, too rainy in the fall, too cold in the winter. Or is it?

The Difference Between Summer and Winter Window Installation

One of the biggest fears homeowners have when it comes to winter window installation is the heat and energy loss during the installation process. While it’s true that Portland winters can be downright chilly, most contractors replace windows in the winter one at a time. During the summer, most contractors will replace the windows all at once.

Are homeowners worried about sealants and insulating foam during the winter? Some homeowners fear that the window sealants won’t set correctly in the winter due to the temperature, or that the insulating foam won’t expand successfully. However, window contractors and installers adapt to weather conditions and use materials appropriate for a winter installation.

There aren’t too many differences between winter and summer home window installation except for the time of year and the weather. However, there may be some advantages to replacing home windows in the winter.

3 Reasons to Install New Windows in the Winterwindow installation portland

1. Discover Window Issues Easily

Winter is the perfect time to detect issues with the home’s existing windows. Colder weather and Pacific Northwest precipitation can expose leaks and drafts. In the winter, a window contractor or consultant can identify which windows need replacing and which windows need repair. Some experts even recommend that new homeowners spend at least one winter in their home before replacing any of the home’s windows. Of course, exceptions exist for rotting windows or broken ones.

2. Better Prices on Windows

Most homeowners replace their windows in Portland in the late spring or early fall. During busy seasons, window companies and contractors don’t offer discounts or special rates. However, once the busy season dies down, these companies may offer discounts to drive business up in an ordinarily slow part of the year. Budget-conscious homeowners shop for new windows when the peak season has ended. In Portland, that peak season ends in the fall.

3. Installation Date Flexibility

During a window contractor’s peak season, homeowners often find themselves at the mercy of the contractor’s schedule. Usually, there’s a minimal choice of when the window installation will take place because of the high demand. However, during the winter, window companies and contractors often have much more flexibility. For busy homeowners, replacing windows in the winter can be convenient. Even if the installation doesn’t happen on the scheduled day due to inclement weather, likely, homeowners won’t have to wait any longer than they would during the peak season.

How to Check Windows for Damage

Unsure if any windows need replacing at all? Here are a few tips on how to check for window damage that may need repair, or, worst-case scenario, replacement.

  1. Check the caulking. When a window is missing caulking or the caulking is broken, water and air get into the walls. This intrusion causes moisture damage, and the windows rot over time. Caulking is the first line of defense against the elements.
  2. Check the weatherstripping. The weatherstripping on doors and windows degrades over time. Look and see whether the window weatherstripping shows any signs of deterioration. Most weatherstripping is peel and sticks so that homeowners can replace it themselves. However, if replacing the weatherstripping doesn’t reduce drafts and heat loss, the windows may need replacing.
  3. Check the glass. Cracked windows don’t just look bad. A crack in a window may indicate a broken seal between the glass panes. If the sealed unit fails, the gas between the two panes leaks out, and the home loses heat. However, it’s likely possible to replace just the sealed unit instead of the whole window.

Can All Windows Be Installed During the Winter?

The short answer? No, not all windows can be installed during the winter. A lot of modern windows use vinyl to withstand cold temperatures, but the vinyl becomes brittle and hard to cut. For this reason, it’s often best to wait until spring or summer to install complicated windows such as bay or bow windows. These windows require small pieces of vinyl, which are challenging to cut accurately in cold weather. Additionally, if any of the windows have aluminum cladding or capping, contractors will come back in the spring to put the finish on. It’s much harder to do the bending work required of these aluminum finishes in cold weather.

Luckily for homeowners in Portland, the winter temperature rarely gets below -20 degrees Celsius, which is the cutoff for most insulating foams and caulking. Homeowners in Portland may benefit from having new windows installed during the winter. Since contractors take more care and often only replace windows one at a time during the winter, replacement and installation can sometimes be even high quality than springtime or summer window installation. That on top of the cost savings make it a no-brainer: get those windows replaced during the winter and avoid the busy peak season in the spring and summer.

How Can EvoSiding Help with Window Installation in Portland?

EvoSiding has provided the Portland metro area with high-quality contracting services for the last five years. Whether homeowners need new windows, a new deck, or new siding, EvoSiding can handle it all. Our professional contractors have decades of combined experience, and we are dedicated to providing the best customer service around. We can help with every step of the process, including planning and design. Call today to get started on that next big home improvement project!



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When is the Best Time to Get New Home Windows in Portland?

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