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When is the Best Time to Get New Home Windows in Portland?

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When to Get New Windows in Portland, Oregon Home improvement projects occur year-round here in the Pacific Northwest. However, it makes sense that some home improvement projects are more suitable for certain times of the year. Extensive roof work in the middle of the rainy season is a hassle, and yard work in the winter […]

The Benefits of Natural Lighting

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Natural Light Natural lighting in the home and workplace benefits people mentally and physically. An abundance of natural light is one of the top features that potential home-buyers in Portland look for in their new home. The amount of sunlight in the home can significantly affect mood, not to mention that using less electricity saves […]

The More U Know: Understanding the U-Factor

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Measuring Energy Efficiency in Windows At one point or another, most people have seen the Energy Star sticker on some part of their home. Most often it’s high-draw appliances like the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher or laundry machines. But what most people don’t know is that the Energy Star certification can apply to just about everything […]

Does Replacing The Windows In My Home Really Increase The Value?

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Upping The Value Of Your Home One Pane At A Time If you are a homeowner and planning to improve some key areas of your home, you should know that it is necessary to consider the return on investment on those improvement areas. Of course, replacing the old, worn-out windows in your home is the […]

Different Types of Home Window Styles

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What Windows Would You Like? EvoSiding takes pride in its ability to install virtually any kind of window to any kind of home. Whether it’s a new skylight, a front-side picture window, or a sliding glass door, we can put it in perfectly and make sure it works harmoniously with your home. Three Window Styles […]

4 Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Windows

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Wondering If It’s Time To Replace Your Windows? Here Are 4 Signs To Look For Your house can’t speak to you, but it can give you signs when something´s not quite right with it. Out of all the household appliances, fixtures, and items, a house’s windows are perhaps the most communicative. Windows don´t last forever, […]

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